Reseller Information


Dear Potential Partner,


DMC International Trading GmbH in Duesseldorf Germany has been in business over 18 years
and during that time has grown into a respected major supplier for Acupuncture needles and Kinesiology Tapes.


We import high quality acupuncture needles and kinesiology tapes with our AcuTop Trademark.
Under the umbrella of the Brand Name "AcuTop ", it is our strategy to focus our marketing especially on the european market with our AcuTop Premium Kinesiology Tapes and AcuTop Acupuncture Needles

Therefore, our first priority is, to work and collaborate exclusively with experienced leading manufactures of these products, in order to insure and guarantee the highest standard of quality for our therapists and to provide Value (Quality and Profit) for our reseller - clients.

We are looking for Country Distributors especially within the whole Europe for AcuTop Acupuncture Needles and AcuTop Premium Kinesiology Tapes, striving for long-term satisfaction and cooperation with our distributors.

In addition we offer a large assortment of moxa and massage aids, cupping, Gua Sha and associated medical products.


If you are interested in our products, we are pleased to send you our detailed export pricelist. Please send your inquiry together with a short description of your company (company profile) Per Mail 

Thank You!


DMC International Trading GmbH