Terms of Payment


Terms of payment:

  1. We delivery the goods to EU-Countries against prepayment, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. Conditions of payment and rebates shall be only bindingly specified in the respective invoice, not in Online Order confirmation.
  3.  A payment is not considered as having been made until we can dispose of the amount.

You can choose the following methods of payment:


Prepayment per banktransfer

Our Bank account details for European Union:

Owner: DMC International Trading GmbH

            Eichsfelderstr. 2

            D-40595 Duesseldorf


Bank:               Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf

Account No.:   45 009 172

BLZ:                300 501 10


IBAN:  DE33 300501 1000 4500 9172



USt.ID.NO.:    DE814010626



PayPal is a well known online payment system which helps you to pay quickly and secure what you have ordered.

If you are a registered customer of PayPal we will receive an electronic payment confirmation after your payment so we will handle your order.