AcuTop® Acupuncture Needle, Type PB

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AcuTop® Acupuncture Needle
Type PB:
 light weighted plastic handle, silicone coated, without tube
Content: 100 pieces / package

AcuTop® Acupuncture Needles are made of high quality surgical stainless steel. Our Acupuncture Needles fulfill the highest standards and are CE- Certificated and Ethylene Oxide-Gas sterilized.

  • smooth and painless insertion is ensured with a special polished and sharpened needle tip
  • extremely fine silicone coating
  • without tube
  • needle thickness coded in color of the plastic handle for an easy size allocation

Advantages of AcuTop Acupuncture Needles:

  • excellent quality
  • big selection of sizes
  • top price performance - ratio
  • economical and reliable

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